How to describe an angel

You could tell that she was a beautiful woman
You could still tell that she was a beautiful woman
A sweet surrender was bending her smile
Her stare was so warm, so cuddly still
Lines crossing lines
A map drawn on her face
Put her beauty between brackets
Yeah, you could still see her beauty shining
Her generous smile, her courage were contagious
Not in the sense of a plague, but you know..
She would light up the place no matter how gloomy it was
And maybe she wasn’t even that pretty
We were all absorbed by her angelic posture
Bedazzled, transfixed by her aura
Stripped of our troubles entirely
Lighter and suddenly joyfull
Oh, yeah, you could definitely tell that she was a beautiful woman
But all of the sudden
that became irrelevant

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Wine….. In our bliss

Drink more wine
sip it slowly
let it slide into you
let it embrace you in its kiss
drink more wine
stare in my eyes while the warmth
starts inflaming your blood
wine in our kisses
wine in our touches
drink more wine
death, the virgin
would run away, maybe
or would she come faster to our feast
envious of our bliss?
wine in our breath
wine in our sleep
drink more wine…

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Sunday scandal

The Black hole that was chewing at the root of all things possible is out
Out spewing accid
The world won’t know what hit it
The earth will skip again a grade or two
The days will get shorter but who will need days when chaos will be ruling
All that darkness swallowing every bit of energy left in my bones is after you now
l was left drenched like a flooded rug but
Still breathing, lucky me
I wonder what would happen if all that raging
Blackness would meet something similar
What electromagnetic waves would shock our ways
What fury winds will splinter our spines
The audacity of this phenomena
The cancer that will become
A speck of dust cooked by a torch of light
I play it cool, it can’t affect me if I am not allowing it
A storm in a glass of water, I’ve seen worst
No waves unseen that coil the time and space
Could scary me or break my daily routine
This hate that flourished under our flaccid skins
This cough spreading its virus
This death so elegantly gracing our cells
These all are symptoms of a dying sun

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The mold grows fast

Draining all my energies
This storm drags me on an abandoned lane
Confident and void of any mercy
This storm, black in its crushed center
Red on its tiptoes from the blood of its victims
Swirling its heads like a dragon
This storm, I say, smells like golden apples and
Leaves harsh traces on the skin of the earth
The mold grows fast between its breats
And speed is fed to the beast
This storm is draining all my energy
And I, deemer and deemerest I surrender
This storm, I say, smells like golden apples
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Murderous mood

I shouldn’t murder my sister
The imaginary one, of course
She was nice and we had great conversations
The white walls were always her inspiration
She would paint horses
Talking horses, at least that was my impression
They had verses around their mouths
I remember asking her if they could fly
She leant her head to the right
Like a painter
No, that is a cliche
It is enough that rhymes are hanging from their snort
And then, just then I killed her
I wasn’t furious or frustrated or anything
Only that her imagination was tight around  my skin

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Syndromes of loneliness

The sickness took his mind but not entirely
Every morning he screams in gibberish tongues at his window
For hours, the whole neighborhood is captive to his litany
And then, you hear the sane talk
I am hungry
Seconds later, silence rules again the street
Someone listened, someone heard him
Someone came to our rescue
Fed him
Liberated us from our guilt
And when the evening comes…
Oh, God I trained my ears not to hear him…
Same feeling as when you are in church and the priest is bubbling his spells and you only understand Amen

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Heavy night storm

The storms are here to stay

To torment us with their roar

Loud and invasive

Fear is crawling its daggers on our skins

On the ledge the droplets fight for supremacy

The glass suddenly offers no protection

I don’t remember being so afraid of thunders before

This kind of anxiety comes with age I guess

The devil’s pit getting closer

Some sins weight harder….

Let’s count them…

Like others count sheep

Sin after sin, thunder blast after lighting

The night is sliced by dawn

Fear conquered, new hopes are budding in

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Do you hear their cough

How poisoning the greed is…

How maddening the thirst for power…

Obscuring any sign of empathy in your soul

What is wrong chemically speaking in your brain?!
If you extinct your own people, how will you nourish your hunger for ruling?
No cities left, no population
Just ruins and corpses
In the chemical hell even the angels have chocked
Do you hear their cough?

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This time the wind is playful

This  time the wind is playful
Not a sign of sadness in his
Tender touch

Whispers, soft and gentle from the new leaves are
the rumours of a spring infesting the blood streams with dreams and desires
Green madness in all the trees
Olympic hormones fighting
To conquer what is left of your sanity
Soon the pink fury of the cherry blossoms
will get us all to lose the sense of orientation

Each street will be a pink sonata
Each street will be washed by the warm winds
Each street will be melting its asphalt under the soft petals of the maddening trees

This time the wind is playful
The spring orchestra started its  concert

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Tequila shots of summer

Cursed be the one who will ever drink again
Tequila shots, beer and pink champagne
What was in my mind… Sand it was
Not neurons, just sand blank crystals
Tomatoes crushed cells fighting with
This sun blessed morning, blessed in excess
With this made of blades sun whose only purpose is to slice my entire being
Bits and bits of me try to regather the whole picture in vain
And the pain, this hammer that knocks my template is similar with the persistent wave
That digs under my feet
tormenting  my steps  on this beach
Drunken, sun beaten, defeated I crawl
Under an umbrella craving for a pair of sun glasses
Next to me a person, someone who very well could be Eve herself offers me hers
Is that obvious? I ask
She nodded and stands up
I relax in her shadow
Oh, yes, she is Eve in person
A pair of thong and in rest only summer
The pain is gone
Life can start again
Suddenly all the waves are my friends
In the evening, on the porch
My ears get accommodated with the shrieks of the gulls
Time for a beer or a Eve or both
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