Sunday scandal

The Black hole that was chewing at the root of all things possible is out
Out spewing accid
The world won’t know what hit it
The earth will skip again a grade or two
The days will get shorter but who will need days when chaos will be ruling
All that darkness swallowing every bit of energy left in my bones is after you now
l was left drenched like a flooded rug but
Still breathing, lucky me
I wonder what would happen if all that raging
Blackness would meet something similar
What electromagnetic waves would shock our ways
What fury winds will splinter our spines
The audacity of this phenomena
The cancer that will become
A speck of dust cooked by a torch of light
I play it cool, it can’t affect me if I am not allowing it
A storm in a glass of water, I’ve seen worst
No waves unseen that coil the time and space
Could scary me or break my daily routine
This hate that flourished under our flaccid skins
This cough spreading its virus
This death so elegantly gracing our cells
These all are symptoms of a dying sun

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