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Bloccati nella cornice d’immagine Imprigionato in un corpo rovina … cosa c’è di meglio punizione ogni desiderio, ogni avidità, ogni eccesso sono ora pulsa in un urto pus calcio lascia le ossa sorridendo mentre la polvere è lasciato alle spalle … Continue reading


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Stuck in the picture frame

Imprisoned in a ruin body… what better punishment every lust, every greed,  every excess are now pulsating in a puss bump calcium is leaving the bones grinning as dust is left behind after an imploding building My small Apocalypse private … Continue reading

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Soaked opera

Tears absorbed by the bubbly air Tears swallowed Tears Smiles coloring the sky Laughter dropping on my ear drums Music Crying in my dreams Crying to the naked sky Flying Biting apples Caressing snakes Love is the answer Falling  

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Harboring mists

Hear my plea, please! Seeing your curves I lost my sense of direction… Here is a tip, I am willing to give Rock your vessel my way your trace luscious, seductive, inviting scratches my steel surfaces winds are advancing their … Continue reading

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